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Implant the Seeds for Success, Nourish your Knowledge,
Grow the Fruits of your Labor and Reap the Rewards

2012 Dates: July 19-20 • September 20-21 • November 9-10

Limited attendance for focused individual development.

You See, You Grow, You Flourish, You Prosper… This course is designed as a continuum from one session to the next and from year to year with all levels of implant and restorative reconstruction.

Each workshop is customized for those in attendance based on background and experience levels, ensuring that individual goals and needs are met. We’ll help you expand implant treatment in your practice and grow your existing business.

You will interact with our front office, back office, laboratory staff, and patients. Some office procedures will precede the workshops, some will follow. They will include live surgery, prosthodontics, diagnostics and laboratory support preparations.

Series Format – Lectures, workshops, demonstrations, patient participation with live-feed video. With the DVD support, credentialed instructors…how much more do you need?

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1. Acquire the essence of aesthetics with dentogenic and dynesthetic concepts for implant prosthodontics, both fixed and removable, that will dramatically improve your patient case acceptance.

2. Look at restoring a complete dentition with a comprehensive and long-range view to offer continuous success that keeps your patients in your practice. Learn to plan simple to advanced treatment with confidence, including case management, timing and appointment sequencing.

3. Begin or expand your implant placement capabilities, with understanding of instrumentation, soft tissue approaches, and surgical maneuvers, for long-term success.

4. Acquire awareness and skills for simple ridge preservation, as well as advanced implant site development, plus esthetic zone considerations.

5. Site Learn flap design and suturing techniques for

a. Development, both hard and soft (grafting & expansion techniques)
b. Implant placement
c. Prosthetic delivery

6. Learn criteria for immediate vs delayed implant placement, loading, advantages and criteria for 1 vs 2 stage implant.

7. Learn each step in detail of implant planning (size and site), placement technique, uncovering techniques, direct vs transfers (open & closed), delivery of abutments with soft tissue manipulation, incremental loading and final delivery.

SIX Action- packed sessions, with credentialed instruction and take home materials, including Workshops and home models with DVD instruction.

DVD plus LECTURES, Workshops and LIVE demonstrations for all phases of SURGICAL & PROSTHETIC implant restoration.

Recession proof your implant delivery….Find cost savings at every step to deliver the finest care for cost effective fees.

Only $2,250 ($2,200 if enrolling in 21st Century Denture)
There is no other course like it.
Make your reservation today with a $750 deposit.
Both Programs $2950
Dates: July 19-20 • September 20-21 • November 9-10
Contact - Fran Walker @ (805) 781-8700

Completed with 21st Century Denture Treatment Workshop ~ Fulfills AGD Denture Participation Mastership Award Requirements
21st Century Denture Treatment Workshop

Meets CE Requirements for AAID, ABOI and AGD Mastership Credentials
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Practice Management
Fixed Prosthodontics
Removable Prosthodontics
Oral Med/Oral Diagnosis


Implant Dentistry - Implant & Occlusion Mini Residency
Accomplished Presenters

Carol L. Phillips, DDS - Director
Dr. Phillips graduated from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in 1975. Following graduation, Dr. Phillips continued studying implant dentistry with Dr. Robert A. James at LLU and placing implants in her private practice. In 1984, Dr. Phillips was invited to participate in the graduate education program for removable prosthetics at the Swissedent Foundation in Glendale, CA. She found answers to many problems facing denture wearers. Dr. Phillips has completed graduate studies with Dr. Frush at the Swissedent Foundation in denture technology, the Lee Institute for Bioesthetics (comprehensive oral diagnosis and oral rehabilitation), and a five year Preceptorship with Dr. Robert James, then chairman of the Graduate Program in Implantology at Loma Linda University.

• Diplomate, American Board of Oral Implantology
• Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry
• Board Member, AAID Admissions and Credentials
• Director, Swiss Dental Center

Fran Walker, M.Ed
Treatment Coordinator; Swiss Dental Center, Swiss Implants, Inc.
Graduate of Cambridge College,
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Ron Johnson, DD
Graduate of Northern Alberta Institute
of Technology, Edmonton, Canada
Vancouver Denture Clinic,
Vancouver, Washington
Specialist of Swiss denture techniques
Dave Gabrys, CDT, BDT
Certified Dental Technician
Bioesthetic Dental Technician
Director of Precision Dental Arts,
Modesto, CA
Bill Kimball, DDS
Graduate of Loma Linda University
School of Dentistry
Bioesthetic Dental Technician
Founder - Kimball Consulting, Inc.
Nationally recognized speaker and author



I have been a student of dentistry all my professional life. I found in Dr. Phillips a teacher with a rich reservoir of knowledge who shared numerous insights and was continually showing me an exciting dimension or application. I am a better dentist because of her course, have repeatedly left her course energized and excited about going to work on Monday. She was always available during the week to answer questions about surgery or practice management in applying the things that I had learned. There was a great blend of instructional material and hand on learning as well as actual surgery on patients that made for me a “wow” experience. I got the impression that Dr. Phillips really enjoyed what she was doing and that enthusiasm carried over into everything about this course. I’m grateful to her for giving me a second wind in dentistry.
Dan Nolan, DDS - Bakersfield, CA


“This has been the single best investment of my time and funds in my entire 30 years as a dentist! It has brought new life into my dental career giving me energy and enthusiasm, a desire to continue another 30 years.”
Alan R. Anderson, DDS - Vancouver, WA


“The course definitely got me excited about offering more implant dentistry to my patients. I got information I could use immediately to help with my prosthodontics – more fun for me and my patients.”
Kelya Springe, DDS – Paso Robles, CA


“The small class size was excellent, as were my fellow workshop participants. The Pathway Learning Series was filled with sharp, skilled dentists, and it was beneficial to meet and interact with them as classmates.”
Ken LeVos, DDS – Evergreen, CO


“I found the diagnostic training to be very helpful, and the course allowed me to gain confidence in presenting more comprehensive cases. Business was up $100,000 in the first year! Learning the sequence of case presentation resulted in a smoother presentation and treatment process. The course was a bargain! Money well spent.”
Ronald Chalker, DDS – Templeton, CA

Contact - Fran Walker @ (805) 781-8700

Completed with 21st Century Denture Treatment Workshop ~ Fulfills AGD Denture Participation Mastership Award Requirements
21st Century Denture Treatment Workshop

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